Friday, April 26, 2013

Those Little Bombs of Indigestion!!

What a long day it has been. Sessions began this morning at 8:00 am. and by 4:30 most attendees were ready for a nap. There is something about Friday afternoon at a conference; you just seem to wind down. Tomorrow morning we will be back at it again.

Great lectures today. Lots of new ideas, new methods, and new data bases. The one constant thread throughout the sessions I attended was "get away from the internet." Network with other genealogists in person. There is a lot of evidence out there; it just isn't all on the internet. You need to interact with other family researchers to learn new techniques and ideas. This week I heard so many people say that we are just one big family. People just seemed to connect with each other in the past few days. Maybe a lot of serendipity was going on!

I purchased GenDetective because I believe it is a program that will be very useful and will save me a lot of time. It had very good reviews online. I will let you know how it works out when I get home. Cost $25.

Flip Pal was completely sold out when I went back to their booth today. Maybe that is a good thing, because I am still not completely sure that it is what I need. I need a portable scanner I can use on the large books in the courthouses. All the displays at their booth seem to be centered on scanning photographs. 

Make sure you get the rest of your door prize tickets in place before the 12:30 drawing tomorrow. Write your name and phone number on the back of each ticket.

Make the best use of your last day of the conference. If you are staying over until Sunday, do a little sight-seeing. Make sure you get some chili and some Graeter's ice cream. And let's not forget those little bombs of indigestion, White Castle!!




  1. I enjoyed the OGS conference as well and now I am getting ready to submit my 2014 lecture proposals!

    One note about the Flip-Pal mobile scanner: I use it all the time for larger items such as maps and documents. It is easy to scan sections of the item then use the free "stitching" software to connect all the sections into one image. The software that comes with the Flip-Pal is easy to use and stitches images very quickly!

  2. You will be glad to know that I did order the Flip-Pal on Saturday and I am looking forward to using it.