Saturday, April 20, 2013


I can't believe that the OGS Conference in Cincinnati is only a few days away. And what a conference it is going to be! The syllabus is already available to conference attendees online. If you have registered you should have received an email with the username and password needed to access the syllabus. Remember this information is case sensitive. Also available on the OGS website is a Conference guide which is loaded with helpful information. Be sure to check it out. I must say the conference chairs have done a wonderful job planning this event.

If you are looking for information and conference tips for the Cincinnati area go back to my posts from last year's NGS Conference that begin on March 5, 2012. Remember some of that information is for the Duke Energy Center. The OGS Conference is contained in the MIllennium Hotel -- a much smaller area.   I walked the soles off my shoes last year at the Duke Energy Center. I just bought a new pair to replace those shoes and I intend to wear them longer than one week!! Do check the posts from last year for info on "things you need to know."

Parking! If you are staying at the conference hotel, they have valet parking for a reduced rate of $18! There are less expensive lots in the immediate area and most of them are connected to the hotel by the Skywalk. There is a list of the parking lots and garages with rates and hours of operation in the syllabus. Last year there were Early Bird specials at some lots if you were in before 9am., but you had to leave between 2 and 6pm. I have decided that when I am attending a conference alone, I need to budget the extra $$$ to be able to park in the hotel garage. It's just a safety factor.

Along I-75. If you are traveling to the conference on Interstate 75, I would like to recommend a book my husband and I used for our many trips to Florida. It is Along I-75 by Dave Hunter. This book contains all the basic travel info you need - motels, restaurants, rest areas, gas stations plus everything else you didn't know you needed to know. You can pick up a copy at your local bookstore or online at Barnes and Noble. It is $26.95, but if you do a lot of traveling on I-75, it is well worth the price.

Registration Booth. Located on the second floor across from the elevators. If  you are arriving at the conference hotel on Wednesday, you can pick up your conference packet at the registration booth from 5-7pm.

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