Monday, July 29, 2013

Packing to go to Fort Wayne, Indiana. (Final FGS Conference Blog Prompt)

What do I pack when I head for a conference?

My ancestors.
After all, they are the reason for the trip.
They will be sitting beside me during each lecture that I attend. They will be guiding me to the exhibits that I need to see. They will be showing me the records that I need to research in the library.

Office Supplies. 
Wirebound legal pad and pen. For taking notes at the conference sessions.
Post It Note tabs - in case I want to mark any pages in my printed syllabus.
Mechanical pencils - for library research.
Folders - for handouts in the Exhibit Hall.
Index cards. It never hurts to have a few in your tote bag.

Tech Supplies.
Laptop. Roots Magic and Gen Detective will help me plan my research at The Genealogy Center.
FlipPal. A great little portable scanner. 
iPhone. It has my day to day schedule, plus all my apps and itunes. And a whole bunch of bells and whistles I am slowly learning how to use.
Chargers. Don't leave home without them.

Other stuff. 
Business cards. 
   For my blog.
   I always take cards with the names of the families I am researching and     
     my contact information.
Extra folded tote bags for the stuff I will buy in the Exhibit Hall.
Comfortable shoes.
Clothes that won't wrinkle and are color coordinated.
My old faithful tote bag I got at an OGS conference in 2006. It is perfect for  
   carrying my printed syllabus and office supplies. 
A small purse/wallet.

I have promised myself to travel lightly this time. If I can't get it in one small suitcase and my laptop case, it won't go with me. I'll let you know how that works for me!

I guess I am ready to go. See you at the conference!!


  1. Sounds like you are ready for Fort Wayne. See you there.

  2. Looking forward to meeting everyone!