Friday, May 10, 2013

Sitting In The Back Seat

This is your wake up call. It is the last day of the NGS Conference and you still have a lot to . . . z z z z z z z!  Don't hit that snooze alarm. Rise and shine! I know it gets really tired toward the end of any conference, but you can sleep on the way home, unless of course you're driving. Sorry!

Genealogy Youth Camp starts at 8:30am for those between the ages of eight and sixteen. Everyone else gets an extra half hour of sleep!

The BCG track concludes today with the focus on research reports, emigrant guides, proof argument, and a step by step case study. What a great series of lectures this has been for those who want to pursue certification. 

Demo and GenTech track -  these sessions are a great way to see if something will work for you. Remember some are free, some are not. 

There is a great track on The Law and how it applies to genealogists. Covers some issues you might not have thought about.

The Ethnic Track = Spanish, Irish, Chinese, Japanese.

My recommendations for today:
S404 - County histories, sometimes referred to as Vanity Books. These are the books that make all your ancestors look healthy, wealthy, and wise. So is it true? Terry Koch-Bostic
S417 - This caught my attention. Not the part about "Striking it rich with a genealogical career. I think we all dream of that. Rather the words "today's genealogical community". J. Mark Lowe
S426 and S446 - I have found that most of my brick walls begin with immigration so you can never learn too much about this aspect of genealogy. Kory Meyerink and Hal Bookbinder.

And finally, S452 - Getting Ready for a Research Trip to Virginia. You know what that means - NGS Conference, Richmond, Virginia in 2014. Combining research with a conference. The ultimate goal. Barbara Vines Little.

The last time I was in Las Vegas was in the 1940's. I was a very young child. I remember some place called the Golden Nugget and this neon cowboy. There was a reconstructed frontier village somewhere on the outskirts of town. But the best thing I remember about being out West - the herds of wild horses running in the distance. I saw a lot of America sitting in the back seat of my parents' car.

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