Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!!

This year flew by so fast. I was just looking at the pictures on the NGS Conference Blog and it brought back memories from a year ago when I was a volunteer at the NGS Conference in Cincinnati. From 9 til noon on Monday morning, we stuffed bags, toured the Duke Energy Center and attended training sessions. This was the only conference my husband every attended with me. While I was at the Center, Chuck scouted the area for parking discounts, restaurants and area attractions. When we left Cincy we were making plans to return for the 2013 OGS Conference. Unfortunately, as some of you know, my husband suffered a massive hear attack and passed away a few days later on Mother's Day. 

The OGS Conference was definitely bittersweet this year. I had to push myself out of the door and into my car for the drive to Cincy. Once I got going though I was amazed at how anxious I was to get to southern Ohio. I am glad I went because I had a wonderful time.

The NGS Conference on the other hand became a count down to Mother's Day, which is only a few days away, and as a result I found myself trying to avoid it. But just now after looking at the pictures from Las Vegas and reading about all the fun things that will be going on, I have decided to "virtually attend" as much as possible. 

The first thing that grabbed my attention is the 2013 Conference Challenge. What fun; I wish I were there. The winner will get a free registration to the conference next year in Richmond, Virginia. There are ten clues involving a lot of networking. Sounds like a great ice breaker! For more info go to: 

If I were there I would be sure to attend the Genealogy Game Show: The Last Genealogist Standing. I am anxious to hear what happens. Winner receives a $100 gift certificate to Heritage Books.

Thursday's Lectures I recommend.  
W126 - It is easy to ignore early census records before 1850 thinking they provide no information you can use. This session will help that attitude. J. Mark Lowe.
W142 - When you can't put your hands on a piece of direct evidence, it may be possible to put together other evidence to prove your facts. Elizabeth Shown Mills. 
W154 - Which family are you talking about? Nuclear or mob? This just looks extremely interesting to me. Michael Green.

There are three sessions in the BCG track today. The first focuses on errors that are found in records. Whether they are intentional or unintentional, they do exist. In the afternoon, there are two more sessions. Eventually everyone is faced with a document that makes English look like a foreign language. These lectures give some tips on how to deal with this situation. Definite try to attend some of these lectures whether or not you are working toward certification. They are full of good information.

Sounds like a fun-filled first day of conference. Enjoy!  

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