Thursday, June 9, 2016

Frugal Tips!

It is Father's Day in a little more than a week. That, of course, means bargains and savings that will benefit the genealogist. - 10% off on DNA kit for Dad. $89.00 

And my favorite - Kroger. 4X fuel points on gift cards. 
  If you are going to a conference this summer or planning a research trip these gift card specials can help your budget in many ways. Purchase the cards you will need for your trip. Save money on gas with the extra fuel points.

And let's not forget - Back to school coupons! are only a couple of months away. Genealogists still use school supplies and this is your chance to stock up. 
Great prices on supplies and coupons in the Sunday inserts. 


Oh dear, where has the time gone. Half way through the year already? So what makes time fly by so quickly? 

Well, my own research, of course. And then there is helping other people break down brick walls. And lets not forget those newbies to genealogy research. They need to be nurtured and encouraged. That is so important. 

And then there is that conversation during dinner. Someone innocently mentions something about a great-grandparent with an "interesting" past and you can't wait to get home and dive into ancestry and family search. 

Or you find an old yearbook while volunteering at the library and it opens up a whole new research opportunity. 

I have come to the conclusion that genealogy never gets old. Even though technically it really is older than dirt. 

Hundreds of years of research. 

Thousands of people to meet.

Millions of memories to discover.