Friday, December 27, 2013

Another Year in the Dash

It is a new year and a new page in the dash of our lives.

If you don't know what a dash is, go to a nearby cemetery and look for the dashes on the grave markers. Those are the little horizontal lines between the date of birth and the date of death. As you walk through the cemetery, pause and reflect on the dashes etched into the grave markers. Each one of those dashes is a life filed with memories, both good and bad. 

When I walk through my family cemeteries in Clermont County, Ohio, I think about Our Town, Thornton Wilders play about a place called Grovers Corners in the early 1900's. 

There is a great video on You Tube where Paul Newman, the stage manager in Our Town, talks about the genealogists who come to the cemetery. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Mery Christmas! Happy New Year!

Wow, Christmas is only a few days away. This has been a very hectic and busy holiday season for me again. Apparently I didn't learn from last year that I now have to do it all myself. We women tend to think we do it all, but we don't. Unfortunately you don't realize this until your spouse is gone. Need to make a note about this in my Organized Christmas notebook so that next year won't be so hectic. I have been using the Christmas planner from this website for many years and I love it, especially the "post-Christmas debriefing page". I was just reading some of my comments from former years: less food, buy non-perishables during the year to avoid holiday budget crunch, and (my favorite) try not to schedule surgeries between October and December. My husband was good at doing that.  (

I hope everyone included their "genealogy needs" on those holiday wish lists. If you still have family researchers to buy for, there is still time for some last minute genealogy gifts. I like the gift cards that are available at Kroger. They save me money on fuel and are perfect gifts for your friends that make  conference and research trips during the year. I would suggest gift cards for fuel, restaurants, travel, and Office Max. You will earn double fuel points for each card.

Other gift ideas: has a link at the top of their home page that will take you directly to the page where you can easily purchase a gift membership online.

Ohio Genealogical Society  has an online store where you can purchase gifts or memberships for those genealogists on your list. Also, this year the 2014 conference will be held at Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, April 30 - May 3. As these can be expensive events a gift of conference registration or hotel reservation can be made online. This is going to be a very family oriented genealogy conference. Scroll down to check out the "genealogy camp" for the kids on Saturday morning.

Federation of Genealogical Societies will hold their 2014 Conference in San Antonio, Texas, August 27-30. If your favorite genealogist has Texas or western roots, you can check their website for possible conference gifts.

The National Genealogical Society will be holding their 2014 Conference in Richmond, Virginia, May 7-10. Unfortunately this conference is only a few days after the OGS Conference which is unfortunate since many Virginians either passed through or put down roots in Ohio and Northern Kentucky. I am sure many of us will have to choose between these two great events.

A special event, Junior Safari Expedition Camp, is planned for the kids (ages 5-18) Saturday morning at the 2014 OGS Conference. Here is your chance to expose your family to the wonderful world of genealogy. This would make a great Christmas or birthday gift for your kids or grandkids. The cost is $30 which includes all necessary materials. The camp also allows them to spend an afternoon at the Kalahari Waterpark. For more information see the OGS website.

                                        *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The cookies are baked, only a few last minute things left to buy, Christmas Eve menu is planned, silverware polished, stockings are hung on the mantel and Christmas 2013 is almost here. Hopefully the rain will change to snow during the early Christmas Eve service.

To all my faithful readers~

I wish you a Very Merry Family Christmas
 and a Happy and Successful New Year. 
May all your genealogy wishes come true.