Monday, April 22, 2013

7 HIlls of Cincinnati

I remember my dad telling me that Cincinnati was built on seven hills. Wanna' have some fun this week? Ask locals to name the seven hills. No one really seems to know or care. The University of Cincinnati came up with its official list, but that could have been the result of a campus drinking game. 

Mt. Adams is a given. It is in the 1848 Panorama at the library. Mt. Airy and Mt. Washington sound familiar as does Mt. Lookout. Then you have Walnut Hills, Indian Hills, and College Hill. So those are my seven. However, the university added Mt. Echo, Mt. Healthy, and Mt. Storm. And, let's not forget - Fairmount, Price Hill, Clifton Heights and Fairview Heights. Unless I forgot a hill that is 14!

At any rate, everything in Cincinnati seems to be built on an incline. This is pretty much true of everything on either side of the Ohio River. As my relatives used to say you "walk out the back door and fall down the hill."

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