Friday, March 16, 2012

A Beautiful View of Ohio and Kentucky

When I go back to my roots in Clermont and Brown Counties in Ohio there is one place I always visit -- the ferry to Augusta, Kentucky. My Kentucky Perkins eventually became my Ohio Perkins. I think the ferry had a lot to do with that!

If you will be attending the NGS Conference in May (see events for information), I highly recommend a trip along the Ohio River on Route 52. The ferry to Augusta is about 43 miles east of Cincinnati and well worth the trip. There has been a ferry of some sort at this location since 1798. I took my first ride on this ferry over fifty years ago when I was a teenager and  it never gets old! Better than any ride at Disney World. It runs seven days a week from 8am til 8pm. The cost is $5 per car. People on foot ride free as long as there is at least one car making the trip. The ferry does not run on a set schedule, just park and wait! There is an on-board phone (606-756-3291) if you are impatient or running out of time. It is such a beautiful view though, I would just wait patiently and enjoy the view of Kentucky and the Ohio River. By the way the view out in the middle of the Ohio River is spectacular! I think it is the closest I have ever felt to my ancestors from southern Ohio.

Augusta, Kentucky is a fascinating river town only a couple of years older than the ferry. Part of the TV mini-series, Centennial (1978), was filmed there. Augusta played the role of St. Louis, Missouri!! It is also the hometown of George Clooney! You really should make sure you have enough time for sightseeing. Augusta has a great website.

If you take your car over to Augusta,  you might want to think about making the trip to Maysville, Kentucky, only about 20 miles to the east on Route 8. My Perkins and Rice ancestors lived here after the Revolutionary War. From here you can cross the bridge back into Ohio and head west toward Ripley, Ohio, a wonderful little village on the river. The Rankin House, a famous stop on the Underground Railroad, sits high on a hill overlooking Ripley and the Ohio River. You can see forever from the view on top of Liberty Hill and the house should be open in May.

** After I wrote this, I realized that this trip might merit a whole day and you might want to add another day to your conference trip. So you need to throw some stuff on ebay or have a garage sale. After all it is time to get out last year's summer clothes. I have always said that a possible genealogy trip can really help get rid of those vintage clothes in your closet that don't fit any more. Think positive!! Think ancestors!! Downsize!!

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