Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New Genealogists + More DNA Testing = More Research Results


I just realized how much we need new family researchers. And, in addition to finding and encouraging new genealogists, we also need to urge these newbies to get their DNA tested. The reason? This combination of new research and DNA results increases the database and creates more opportunities for finding new matches. 

Recently I found my maternal great grandmother after decades of brick walls. The reason this happened was because of new matches available on Ancestry DNA. Now I must admit that Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do-Over provided some help. It cleared out the garbage and made that one piece of information jump out at me. And, don’t tell anyone that I treated it as a BSO. I just couldn’t help myself. Sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind and go for those bright shiny objects!

DNA is beginning to grow roots in the genealogy orchard. Lectures and seminars are sprouting up all over the country as more experts come forward to share what they have learned. Be aware though that not all of these experts know more than you. Journals are publishing more articles about DNA testing as it relates to family research. The main reason for this is more people are having their DNA tested and therefore there is a demand for more education. At the same time, all these additional people are adding to the database of possible relatives and ancestors. 

You probably noticed that one word stands out in the previous paragraph. MORE. More is an important genealogy term! It applies to almost everything genealogical. More databases online; more genealogy societies; more conferences; more primary sources necessary for lineage papers to be approved. When the internet brought genealogy to our computers, we wanted more information. Now DNA testing is new and we need more results.

Now you have your assignment. If you haven’t tested your DNA, do it – now! Encourage your genealogy friends to do likewise. Buy your family members testing kits for Christmas, birthdays or “just because”. It will pay off for you and contribute to the world of genealogy.

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