Friday, January 11, 2013

Thumbs Up to FGS

Thumbs up to the Federation of Genealogical Societies for providing a link on their website to a gift card that could be downloaded and used to give the gift of genealogy to a friend or family member. You add a note and some money to cover the cost of registration or perhaps a dinner at the conference. What a great idea. The inside of the card says "Holidays bring thoughts of family, in the present and the past. Doing genealogy will make the memories last."


  1. Hi, This sounds like a great gift idea. Would you please provide a link to where to purchase this gift card on the FGS website? Also, do you have any other gift ideas for enthusiastic genealogists? Thanks! :-)

  2. I checked the FGS website and I didn't find a link to the gift card. I am going to contact them to see when it will be available on their site again. As soon as I see it I will post the information. For other gifts that genealogists love: gas cards can be used for research trips. Also the same for hotel gift cards. offers gift memberships. Genealogists use a bunch of office supplies so an Office Max card would be appreciated. Barnes and Noble and have books for genealogists